How to find the best lingerie for you body type

There are endless options out there in this day and age. Exotic lingerie has taken off and with it comes choices beyond our wildest dreams. But how do you pick the piece that is right for you? From bodysuit lingerie to barely there panties, how can you pick the style that will suit your body type best?Here we will explore a few styles that are suitable for a range of women with a range of sizes and shapes in mind.

The matching ensemble is a great place to start. It is as the name suggests a matching set of bra and panties which show off the feminine and flirty side of you. It is right for all body types and acts to draw attention to the to the body as well as the ensemble as a whole rather than focusing on one feature or another.

The garter belt is a great tease for your man in the bedroom. Turn up the heat with the sexy look of the garter belt, also known as the suspender belt. It wraps around the waist and is usually made form a lace or similarly delicate material. For something a little more sensual you can look to buy sexy lingerie in the form of leather garter belts. It is a great choice for hourglass shaped women or those who wish to draw attention to their waist or legs.

Throughout history the corset has been an ever present undergarment, but the meaning and use behind it has changed somewhat. Gone are the days of women using this lingerie to tone their curves and wear beneath their long flowing gowns in order to restructure their bodies. Now the corset has taken on a new meaning thanks to the burlesque scene and celebrity influences such as Dita Von Tease. Those seeking an hourglass silhouette will find the corset an amazing piece that will certainly give you the curves you have always desired.

The teddy has developed somewhat over the years. It is the equivalent to a one piece swimsuit and this one piece lingerie item will have your man quaking at the knees when he sees you. This is a playful piece that will definitely suit all body types. From slim to curvaceous, the teddy has you covered. It can be made from many different types of materials, from lace to leather and this is a choice that can be made by each individual.

For women who possess a triangular body shape, the babydoll is the perfect choice of lingerie. This floaty piece compliments broad shoulders and a slim waist nicely and will show off all your assets. The soft straps will flatter the shoulders while the skirt will balance out your lower half. It can also do wonders for curvier women too.

No matter what your shape or size there is a piece of lingerie out there for you! If you want to spice up your love life then adding an outfit can certainly work in your favour.

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