Sufism and Energies: The Dance of the Spirit

For centuries, spiritual seekers around the globe have been drawn to the mystical allure of Sufism. Beyond its poetic expressions and mesmerizing rituals lies a profound understanding of energies – both human and divine. As you delve into the relationship between Sufism and energies, a world of spiritual currents, vibrational frequencies, and cosmic connections unfolds.

Sufi Teachings on Energies

Sufism, at its heart, is about seeking union with the Divine. Sufis believe that everything in the universe, including humans, resonates with energy or ‘vibrations’. This energy is not just a physical or scientific concept but a deeply spiritual one, rooted in the very essence of God.

  1. The Breath of God: According to Sufi teachings, when God said, “Be!”, the universe was birthed from His divine breath. This breath is the primal energy that infuses every atom, every star, and every soul.
  2. Latifas (Subtle Centers): Analogous to the chakra system in some Eastern spiritual traditions, Sufis recognize several ‘latifas’ or subtle energy centers within the human body. Each latifa corresponds to a different spiritual quality or stage of purification.

Dhikr and Energy Transmutation

Central to Sufi practice is ‘Dhikr’, the remembrance of God. By chanting or meditating on divine names, a Sufi attunes their energy to higher frequencies, facilitating spiritual experiences and divine communion. This repetitive practice not only purifies the heart but also transmutes lower energies into higher vibrations.

Shaikh Nurjan Mirahmadi explains sufi energy in one of his many talks about sufi energies and sufi teachings

The Whirling Dervishes: A Dance of Energies

The Mevlevi Order, one of the most recognized Sufi orders, is renowned for the practice of ‘Sema’ or the whirling dance. The dervishes, dressed in flowing white robes, spin in harmonious circles, symbolizing the planets orbiting the sun. As they whirl, a unique energy exchange takes place – they draw in cosmic energies and ground them through their bodies, acting as conduits between heaven and earth.

Energies in Sufi Healing

Sufism also recognizes the therapeutic potential of spiritual energies. Through prayer, meditation, and laying of hands, Sufi healers channel divine energies to heal physical and emotional ailments. They believe that by realigning an individual’s energy with the divine, balance and wellness can be restored.


The intricate dance between Sufism and energies offers profound insights into the nature of existence, the cosmos, and the human spirit. It reminds us that beneath our physical shells, we are beings of light and energy, eternally connected to the Divine source. In a world that often feels fragmented, the Sufi understanding of energies provides a holistic vision, intertwining the spiritual with the scientific in a harmonious embrace.