Owner Pet Roleplay

BDSM role play involves one partner dominating another. This can be acted out in a variety of sex role playing character ideas but one of our favorites is pet owner role play.

If you think about it, a pet is something that owners have total control over. They control when they eat, when they go outside…even when they poop!

If this sounds sexy when applied to humans, here are some ways you can use pet owner role play to completely dominate your partner.

If you already have a pet, these types of role playing ideas should come naturally. Just think of what happens when you are sitting around with your pet. You can ask them to fetch, roll over, give paw… and the list goes on. If they are good, you can reward them by petting them or giving them a treat.

If they disobey you, on the other hand, a punishment should be administered. You can spank them, admonish them or deny them food or bathroom rights.

There are plenty ways to help you get into the pet and owner roles more easily. The person playing the pet can put on animal ears and dress in animal print lingerie. There are also animal butt plugs that can not only work to bring the animal fantasy alive but can make sex more stimulating.

And of course, leashes and collars should play a major role in these scenarios.

If you like bringing BDSM into the bedroom, pet and owner play can be a great way to do it. Just get the right accessories and unleash your inner animalistic urges. There’s no telling where you can take it from there!

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