Easiest Way to be Seductive Using Elegant Lingerie


Elegant lingerie is so versatile! You can wear it beneath your office clothes, and you can wear it if you’re trying to seduce your man.

In this article, we will be looking at the second option! How do you use elegant lingerie to be seductive and look amazing?

Pick the right fit

Elegant lingerie always looks best when it fits you well and when you are feeling at your most confident and comfortable. There is no use buying a style that you don’t really like or deciding to go with a smaller size.

You will look, and feel, the best when you are dressed in comfortable clothing that leaves you feeling supremely confident at all times. If you are in doubt, stick to colors that you already wear in your daily life, and model  your erotic lingerie after them. You know what colors flatter your skin tone, so make sure that you choose similar ones in your lingerie life. After all, lingerie is all about feeling confident and looking amazing, so follow your instinct when it comes to color choice. There is no wrong answer here!

You also need to make sure that you are wearing clothes that are flattering to your figure, whatever that may be. If you are big busted, make sure your lingerie offers support. If you are conscious about your stomach, try a corset, or maybe a teddy or baby-doll outfit. If you love your butt, try a thong! It’s okay to experiment, but it is vital to make sure that whatever you choose makes you feel comfortable.


If you are seducing someone and you want to look as good as possible, then lighting is key! Make sure you dim the lights and set out candles, fairy lights and other beautiful, low lighting options. This will make sure that the mood is soothing and sultry, and you’ll look and feel great at the same time. No one feels sexy under harsh, bright lighting, after all!

Start early

If you really want to set the mood, make sure that you start nice and early! Start thinking dirty thoughts early in the day and shoot off a few suggestive texts. Tidy up around your home and make sure that the mood carries. It’s far easier to be seductive if you’ve kept it going all day long!

Remember, you look great and you are going have so much fun! Fun and confidence is super, super sexy, so remember to loosen up and just go with it. If you follow these tips and remember to relax, I guarantee this will be a major success!

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